Event Management System


Welcome to the GSM Event Management System

Virtual Event Management System (EMS) is a software system for managing classrooms and meeting rooms within the GSM. It is also used as a central calendaring system for events sponsored by the GSM and its student clubs. Faculty, Staff, and Students can use this system to reserve meeting space and specify technical services for their events.

Browsing/Viewing Events

Guests can browse facilities, events, and available meeting space through the EMS system at:

You can browse events by various views (i.e., monthly, weekly, list, etc.) by selecting the appropriate tab. You can further filter events, using the “Filter” link, to refine your view for specific locations or events.

Schedule Events and Reserve Meeting Space

Students, Faculty and Staff can schedule events and reserve available meeting space through the EMS system at:

To authenticate, enter your UC Davis Login ID (i.e., your Kerberos ID) and password. Once authenticated, you can check status of existing reservations or submit new reservation requests using the “Reservations” menu option.


Resource Links

Guests can access important resource links at:

RSS Feeds

If you wish to subscribe to RSS Feeds (i.e.,be automatically notified when events are added to specific calendars), then please review the list of available RSS feeds.