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Welcome to the GSM Published Calendars

Below is a list of published calendars for the UC Davis Graduate School of Management.  Most published calendars are specific to a particular interest group, with the exception of the first two calendar, which displays all published events for the GSM or a customized list of events.

The events displayed in the published calendars are filtered extracts from the GSM Event Management System (EMS). These extracts are processed on a periodic basis, 15-60 minutes depending on the event type.  Events are only published 365 days in advance of the event, so if an event is scheduled in the EMS system for a date beyond this period, it will not immediately appear within the published calendars. 

Various options are provided within event details.  These options include, adding an event to your personal calendar, sending a reminder notification for the event to your email address, and emailing information about events to friends


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